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Images of America - Bridgeport Firefighters

Tracing its roots to 1796, the Bridgeport Fire Department protects Connecticut's largest city. Bridgeport's first step toward independence occurred when the Corporation of Newfield was formed in 1797 for the express purpose of forming a fire company. Through the years, the firefighters have continued to play a significant role in Bridgeport's history.

Bridgeport's fire department has grown, changed, and shared in the city's triumphs and tragedies. The purchase of the steam-powered D. H. Sterling fire engine triggered an oftentimes bitter contest between adherents of the traditional muscle-powered fire engine and new mechanical machines. The contest resulted in the formation of the present career fire department in 1872.

Bridgeport Firefighters traces the innovations, incidents, and personalities through the hand-drawn, and motor-driven eras up to the twentieth century. Written by firefighters, Bridgeport Firefighters details a city rich in history, tradition, and innovation, which will be a source of pride for Bridgeport residents and firefighters, and of interest to anyone who appreciates the glorious history of the American fire service.

Originally published in 2000 and containing over two hundred photographs, Bridgeport Firefighters remains the definitive history of the Bridgeport Fire Department from 1797 to 1975.

Bridgeport Firefighters is available through the Bridgeport Firefighters' Historical Society. Copies can be obtained by:

  1. Talking to a Bridgeport Firefighters' Historical Society Officer

  2. Visiting our booth at local events.

  3. Sending a check for $17 ($15 for the book + $2 for shipping) to Bridgeport Firefighters' Historical Society; PO Box 1220; Bridgeport, CT  06604. Please include a shipping address, and who the book is for.

For more information e-mail us at bptfirehistory@juno.com